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El Salvador

Ricardo Ariz Pacamara Natural

Flavors of strawberry, wine, and spice
Long time producer partner Ricardo Ariz is near and dear to our hearts at Olympia Coffee. Each year that we work with Ricardo the quality of his coffee from his farm, El Aguila, gets better and better. Why? Ricardo is passionately improving each year by being open to our feedback, constantly improving cherry selection, and increasing varietal availability at his farm.

This micro lot of Natural Processed Pacamara varietal is a great example of our collaboration. Pacamara grows in the center of his farm's elevation at 1600-1700 meters, and tends to be a very sensitive varietal at the farm, costing more in management and labor, while yielding intense flavors. Pacamara originated in El Salvador and, in our opinion, is one of the top coffee varietals in the world. This version however, has been dried in whole coffee cherries on raised beds for over a month in the hot Salvadoran sun, a request we made pre harvest. The result is a prime example of the experimentation and partnership we have with Ricardo.

Ricardo is also a rare breed in El Salvador, dedicated to the people who work at his farm as much as he is dedicated to the quality of his coffee. This makes him a pioneering partner in our Fair For All efforts. Our coffee purchases from Ricardo are built on our agreement that all of his workers are paid a living wage as a part of creating this delicious coffee.