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Kenya Kagumoini


Flavors of blackberry, custard, and citrus

Sweetheart is sourced, roasted, and brewed for the sweetest coffee possible and it comes from Direct Trade farmers who are close to our hearts! 


Tucked into a deep valley on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the Nyeri District is the Kagumoini washing station. The washing station is part of the Mugaga Cooperative. While this our first season buying coffee from Kagumoini we have been tasting their excellent coffee for years, years of consistent delicious coffee comes from paying attention to details. The management of the Cooperative pay attention to details of how farmers maintain their farms, feed the soil, create a healthy ecosystem. At the washing station itself the coffee is processed with immaculate attention to detail. Coffee is pulped, fermented, washed, then fermented a second time all with careful attention to let the natural characteristics of terroir and varietal shine through.
For Espresso with milk we recommend, 18 grams of coffee yielding 36 grams of brewed espresso over 25-27 seconds. For straight espresso we recommend 18g to 45g over 25-30 seconds.