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Sweetheart Blend - Olympia Coffee Roasting Company



Flavors of dark chocolate, nutty, and berries

Sweetheart Blend is our effort to create the best-tasting blend of coffees sourced with the highest ethical standards. While espresso is our primary inspiration for Sweetheart, the high-quality beans and consistent roast profile are what make this offering a standout in all brewing methods. Most specialty coffee farmers have an easy time selling their lowest and highest quality coffee, but the majority of their production scores around 85-86 points, which lands it in the middle of the specialty grade. Oddly, these are often left behind as they can be too expensive for most roasters, while others won't find them exciting enough to offer as a specialty Micro Lot. Our Sweetheart program, a result of our broader Fair For All sourcing standard, focuses on this "missing middle" within the specialty coffee sector by identifying top-tier offerings in this range and making purchases that create a sustainable production model for our sourcing partners and everyone involved in the supply chain. The coffee picker, processor, landowner, dry miller, exporter, and importer can earn a sustainable and fair wage, and we get to share their hard work with you. Sweetheart has given us another reason to obsess over and perfect our roasting profiles, and the result is this sweet and balanced blend of coffees with perfect flavor clarity. The current blend recipe is composed of Guatemala El Templo-Las Minas Lot and El Salvador Ariz Family Bourbon Natural


For espresso we recommend

18g dose, 38-42g yield, 28-32 seconds 

For filter coffee we recommend 

1g of coffee to 16g of water by weight or 

1 tablespoon of coffee to 3oz of water by volume 

Grind Guide 

Every grinder is different, this guide will not necessarily give you the best results for you specific grinder. This is a comparative scale intended to help you discover the difference in grind settings for different methods and ultimately the best grind on your grinder. It works on a 1 to 10 scale, if you grinder has 10 grind settings and grinds from turkish (1) to french press (10) then you can simply use the guide recommendation and adjust to taste. If your grinder has 30 grind settings then you should multiply the recommended grind setting by three. For example if you are brewing flat bottom filter coffee (7) you should start with a grind setting of 21 on your grinder with 30 settings. 

1 finest to 10 coarsest 

1 Turkish

2 Espresso 

3 Moka Pot

4 Aero Press 

5 Hario 

6 Kalita, Cone Electric Drip

 7 Flat Bottom Electric Drip 

8 Chemex

9 Cold Brew, Toddy 

10 French Press

Adjusting Grind to Taste

After brewing, taste your coffee, if it is delicious, great news, enjoy! If it is lacking in some way, then adjusting your grind can be a great way to improve your brew. 

If you find your coffee to be flat, lifeless and have ashy or dry aftertaste you are probably grinding too fine and should adjust your grind coarser.  

If you find your coffee to be sour, papery or watery you are probably grinding too coarse and should adjust your grind finer.

For more tips, visit our Brewing page under the Learn tab.