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Sweetheart Yirgacheffe Reserve


Sweetheart Yirgacheffe Reserve

Flavors of peach, candied citrus, and rose

This Sweetheart is a collection of coffees from the famed Yirgacheffe area of Ethiopia. We work in the surrounding towns, from Wenago all the way down to Banko Gotiti and in this collection we have included only washed coffees from these areas. These coffees are world renown for their floral quality and elegance. Ethiopia, being the birthplace of coffee, is also known for an exclusive heirloom collection of varietals. These varietals bring forward flavors of stone fruit and candied citrus. Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Reserve is made up of two producer we have been working with for a few years, including coffees from the Banko Dadhato Cooperative and single producer Desta Gola.

For espresso, we recommend 18 grams of coffee in to 38 grams out at 29-30 seconds extraction time.