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Flavors of caramel, blackberry and grapefruit.
This lot from the Tekangu Farmer’s Cooperative Society which owns three washing stations Tegu, Ngungura and Karagoto.This coffee was processed at the Tegu Factory (washing station). Today Tekangu has roughly 910 individual farmer members and has been one of the most outstanding quality producers in Nyeri for most of the last decade. Much of the success can be tied directly to good management and leadership within the cooperatives and consistent delivery of premiums back to the farmers who supply cherry to the group. Tegu farmers do an exceptional job sorting cherry before it gets delivered to the depulper and are well above average in their approach to managing the health and productivity of their coffee farms. The farmer unity at Tegu, the commitment they’ve made as a group to training and education, and the consistently high rate of returns for the coffees delivered are largely responsible for the quality standards they’ve managed to maintain year after year.