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Victor Yaque Micro Lot


Victor Yaque Micro Lot

Flavors of jasmine, jam, and chocolate

Victor Yaque is part of our San Sebastian Las Mingas Project. Our program for securing the best quality coffee and rewarding producers with life changing prices in La Plata, Huila.

Each week farmers haul their parchment coffee on to the public bus that goes to San Sebastian to have their parchment coffee weighed, received, green graded, sample roasted, and cupped that same day.

If a coffee scores 87+, the sample is sent via FedEX across the world to our cupping lab in Olympia. 87+ scoring coffees are allocated to our San Sebastian Reserva and farmers are paid a bonus payment of 3x above the market for this sort of quality.

Coffees that score 89+ are kept separate and sold as micro lots under the farmer's name. These coffees are given a bonus payment that is 5x above the market prices. Welcome to our sourcing program Las Mingas, a program designed from the farm to the cup to improve lives.