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A unique kind of coffee roaster.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

We seek the best coffee farmers in the world with whom to work.
This leads us literally to their doorsteps. We collaborate with our producers in the effort to generate beautiful coffees. Our direct relationships yield stunning coffees from exceptional producers.

Once a coffee is in our roastery, we obsess about perfecting the roast for that coffee. We roast coffee by hand (sight, smell, sound) and cup every roast. Each coffee is roasted daily to highlight the “taste of place” that is unique to each farm and origin.The next day we do it all again, tweaking the roast if necessary to liberate the most distinctive and captivating flavors of each coffee.

Once a coffee is roasted we ship it to you the same day. When you buy coffee from one of our stores, you will never find a bean that is over one week out of the roaster. Our devotion to freshness ensures that you will get delicious coffee every time, and it is only one of the services we provide!

When you order a drink from one of our baristas, you may wonder why our coffee tastes so incredibly good. The skill and passion they bring to their craft, raising it to the level of an art: that’s part of it. Our intensive barista training program helped for sure. Ultimately, it’s a love of coffee we share here, informing every step in the process.

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