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2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Alvin Kim on

Father's Day is around the corner so we thought we'd list our favorite gear to get your dad(s) and father figures this year! We love these particular products because they invite your entire family to spend time together and slow down over a delicious cup of coffee or tea. 

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For our other giftable goods:

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder
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The Baratza Encore is consistently rated as one of the best grinders consumer grinders on the market for the quality it offers and the unmatched customer support. Enjoy commercial-level quality at a price that doesn't break the bank. We love it because if anything happens, you bet the folks at Baratza will help bring your grinder back to 100%.

Baratza just unveiled this new white version of the grinder which is sure to look good on any countertop.


Big Truck Instant Coffee
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Let's face it. Dads are busy! If your dad is a go-getter and doesn't have time to brew a cup, this delicious instant coffee is a great way to keep dad caffeinated at record speeds.


Clinton Ossa Calidad de Vida - 12oz Coffee
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Calidad de Vida means "Quality of Life" and that's exactly what we wish upon all the fathers out there. This coffee represents the values of Olympia Coffee's Fair For All sourcing program and it hits all the marks for quality and flavor. This brand new offering features flavors of chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry making it the perfect daily drinker. 


MiiR 8oz Travel Mug
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This mug was inspired by Neil Young. We don't really need to say more than that--but we will. MiiR is a fellow B Corporation meaning they have committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility as a business. So not only are you getting the highest-quality thermal mugs, but you can be sure they're taking care of the people involved in manufacturing, transporting, and selling them.


Not Neutral Diner Mug
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This is the perfect mug for the daily cup of coffee or tea. It's a modernized take on the classic diner mug and features a nice large handle to make sure your dad has a firm grip on his 5th cup of coffee for the day. 

Rishi Tea Earl Grey Supreme
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We're a coffee company, but we LOVE tea. We can't recommend Rishi tea more highly. They source their products with the utmost intentionality and ensure that every bag is filled with the highest-quality seasonal tea. And if your dad "just drinks coffee for the caffeine," this Earl Grey has enough caffeine to help kickstart the day! Check out the other Rishi Teas we have in stock.

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