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Food & Wine rates Olympia Coffee as the best coffee in Washington state!

Posted by Oliver Stormshak on

Food & Wine: Best Coffee in Washington State

“Modern coffee is still in its experimental phase, and so many otherwise talented roasters are, as one industry notable pointed out recently, still chasing the next big thing, rather than consistency.”

“So, at the end of a very long few months of sampling coffee at multiple shops every day, coming back to the Pacific Northwest, to the world of Olympia Coffee, felt something like the caffeinated equivalent of a warm hug, a safe harbor.”

“In every right-on-the-money sip, from obscure micro-lot coffees to the organic and obsessed-over house espresso, you can taste knowledge, experience, and passion for detail.”

“Co-owners Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder have sensitively grown the company in recent years, opening game-changing shops in both Tacoma and Seattle, and they’ve doubled down on sustainability, too, leading one of the industry’s most ambitious transparency efforts, all while managing to maintain a customer experience that easily ranks among the best in the business.”

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