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Get a free scale with your Bottomless Subscription

Posted by Alvin Kim on

You may have noticed a little checkbox appear underneath the "Add to Cart" button. This little feature is part of our partnership with Bottomless, the folks behind the smart coffee subscription that reorders coffee for you so that you always have a bag on hand! 

Store your coffee on a Bottomless scale and sync it with the app on your phone. As you use your coffee, the scale will analyze how much coffee is used vs how frequently you use it to calculate and schedule an automatic order so that a fresh bag of coffee arrives to your door right about when your old bag runs out. 

Place a first order and you'll get a smart scale free of charge. We roast the coffee and ship it same day. 




What products can I get with the Bottomless subscription? 

Bottomless technology only works with coffee bags. It's our understanding that 5lb bags can work (we have not tested this), though 12oz bags are recommended for best results. Merchandise and other products are not eligible for ordering using the Bottomless subscription.


What happens if a single origin I order is sold out?

We bring in the season's best single origins in small micro-lots. You get to enjoy the world's best coffee quality and support small-scale farmers with your purchase.

If you start your Bottomless subscription with a single origin coffee and it sells out in a couple weeks, Bottomless will automatically assign you a new single origin coffee to continue your subscription and keep the coffee flowing! You can manage your subscription in your dashboard. 


What about blends?

Blends are available year-round, so every order going forward will be the blend or decaf option that you choose! 


What if I don't want my coffee automatically ordered?

You can adjust your preferences at and get notifications when it's time to reorder, instead of having the app order for you. 

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