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Blog — South America

Huila Colombia June 2013

Posted by Sam Schroeder on

  This was my first visit to San Sebastian de la Plata in Huila, Colombia, an area that Olympia Coffee has been purchasing coffee from and visiting every year for the last four years.  Seeing it first hand I was struck by the beauty of the landscape, how massive the country is and how small the farms are.  Most of the farms we work with are only two hectares (about 5 acres) in size, with most of the work being done by the family that owns the farm.  We work with a handful of farms using a transparent buying program...

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Cool Weather Coffees

Posted by Oliver Stormshak on

  The season has changed. Cooler weather, rainy dark days. In the garden little is left to harvest if anything.  We understand this cycle as a way of life, a natural pattern to the year. Let us remember too that our coffees are also in a cycle of season. And as of now we are making that turn into coffees that were harvested last summer in the areas of the world below the equator. Savor the last sips of your favorite coffee from Central America because they will be gone soon. Hold your mug up for the first sips of...

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