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Three Cheers for Little Buddy, a 2024 Good Food Awards Finalist!

Posted by Lori Bailey on

Goodness deserves to be celebrated. And that's what the Good Food Foundation is all about: celebrating, connecting, and empowering passionate makers of tasty, authentic, responsible food and drink toward a re-imagined, revitalized American food culture.

So it's our honor to be nominated this year as a finalist in the 2024 Good Food Awards with our beloved Little Buddy! And, to celebrate, we're offering 10% off this special blend through January 31, 2024 with code GOODLITTLEBUDDY.

Here's what's so amazing about the Good Food Awards. When these folks talk about what's "good," they're not settling for some binary, this-or-that judgment call between flavor and ethics. That's why the Awards select companies from over 2,000 entries who demonstrate staunch commitments to social and environmental responsibility—and who also yield the tastiest bites and beverages from across all 50 states.

The Good Food standards for coffee, for example, gauge a company's ethical commitments. Businesses are vetted by distinguished members of their own industry according to a tight set of standards. Including, but not limited to: fair wages and accessible resources for employees, thoughtful acknowledgment of heritage on culturally-specific products, and yearly staff trainings on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Companies who meet or exceed these requirements are also judged on the quality of their products. A panel of industry tasting experts reviewed anonymized submissions, brewing coffees according to Specialty Coffee Association standards both at home and in round-table blind cuppings. From these, finalists were selected for outstanding flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and balance. Finalists including—that's right—Olympia Coffee and our very own Little Buddy.

Here at Olympia Coffee, we've spent the past 18 years in pursuit of the most delicious cup of coffee with the deepest commitment to ethical and relational accountability. And Little Buddy has been along for that ride since 2018—arriving on the scene as the flagship coffee of our then-newly-opened Tacoma location. Named after a spunky little '86 Honda Civic with a precocious teen behind the wheel, Little Buddy was made to evoke the spirit of the City of Destiny: eager, adventurous, and optimistic. It's our favorite coffee recommendation for someone searching for the perfect balance between accessibility and adventure. And now, as a bona fide Good Food Finalist, it's Little Buddy's time to shine!

View all the amazing finalists of the 2024 Good Food Awards here. And tune in for the announcement of the winners during the Good Food Weekend in Portland, OR on April 29th, 2024!

Our friends at Sprudge took Little Buddy for a spin on their latest Sprudgecast, cruising through a latte and a mocha in delicious style. Check the show notes and listen here.

Ready for a friendly cup of adventure? This way to Little Buddy — and don't forget your 10% off with code GOODLITTLEBUDDY.

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