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Morning Sun

Olympia Coffee

Morning Sun

Flavors of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and vanilla

Morning Sun is our version of a rich and delicious morning coffee: a medium-dark roast that will ease you into your day with smooth, chocolaty, familiar flavors. It's comfortable and reliable — just like a morning sunrise.

We source coffees grown in Latin America. Small-scale, family farmers contribute to Morning Sun, and these producers are thriving with our Fair For All practices.

At Olympia Coffee, we take pride in our commitment to Fair For All, our rigorous sourcing standard. Our approach is designed to ensure that all parties involved in our coffee production, including farmers, staff, and customers, benefit from our ethical practices. You can learn more about our Fair For All initiative by visiting As a testament to our dedication, we are third-party certified for both our sourcing practices and our employee compensation, which meets Living Wage standards. Morning Sun is currently comprised of Organic Colombia San Fermin, we paid the farmer of this coffee $4.59 per LB more than double the price of Fair Trade-certified coffee. We are proud to pay our packaging team a Living Wage of $20.25-23.00 per hour and our roasting team a Living Wage of $21-26 per hour at our roastery.