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Thanks for joining us! Please remember to follow state health guidelines and wear a mask inside of the cafe. Please use posted signage and floor decals to ensure that our cafes can continue to be a safe space for the community.

Please wait until you've exited the cafe to remove your mask to eat & drink. Thank you from the Olympia Coffee Team!

Seasonal Menu

The Nutcracker
A latte crafted with pecans and sweetened with bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup, a bit of brown sugar, and finished with steamed milk poured over a shot of espresso. Topped with maple sugar garnish.

Mint to be Mocha
Our famous mocha is infused with holiday spirit, espresso and our dark chocolate ganache. It’s all livened up with housemade peppermint syrup & crushed candy cane pieces for garnish!

Mint Hot Cocoa
This wintery peppermint hot chocolate is rounded out with fluffy steamed milk that’ll warm you right up!

The Great Pumpkin
Roasted kabocha squash with chai spices mixed with espresso an d choice of milk topped with cinnamon graham cracker dust. 

Turmeric Ginger Chai
Golden turmeric root with ginger, lemongrass, and cracked black pepper combined with your choice of milk.

Coffee Beverages

Espresso (2oz)
Two ounces of creamy, full-bodied espresso with chocolatey overtones and sweet berry notes to round things out. Serves as the base to our espresso beverages!

Macchiato (3.5oz)
Espresso marked with a spot of steamed milk

Espresso mixed together with lightly steamed milk in what many coffee aficionados claim yields the most natural sweetness and balance.

Expertly steamed milk poured over a shot of espresso.

Lattes are our most popular menu item. Most customers find lattes to be their favorite balance of espresso to steamed milk.

House-made dark chocolate ganache boosts our latte with the perfect amount of sweetness. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey. Just right!

Iced Coffee
Flash-chilled brewed coffee to ensure coffee is fully extracted and served over ice for a refreshingly cold pick-me-up.

Espresso served over hot water

Drip Coffee
Our coffee, precision-brewed in fresh batches throughout the day. Every dose is weighed to the gram with PID-controlled water temperatures. 

Pour Over Coffee (at select locations)
Every brewing variable is controlled ensuring that this brewed-to-order cup of coffee brings out the best of the bean.

Ice Cold Black Coffee Can (12oz)
Precision-brewed coffee, captured in a ready-to-drink, take-anywhere vessel.

Brewed Coffee Box (64oz)
These large-batch brewed coffee travelers are the key to becoming the "office hero."


Looking for a bag of coffee that's sold out in store?
Check out our full lineup of whole bean coffee

Other Beverages


Chai Tea Latte
A warm blend of spices with creamy milk

Hot Chocolate
The same house-made ganache from our famous Mocha is served with steamed milk for a sweet, coffee-free treat!

Steaming milk gives it a fuller mouthfeel and allows us to control the temperature to avoid scalding the milk. A great treat for non-coffee drinkers!

London Fog
Earl Grey tea served with steamed milk

Matcha Latte
Rich matcha whisked to hydrate and create a base that is served with steamed milk

Rishi Tea:
Choose from our selection of teas: Golden Triangle Breakfast, Earl Grey Supreme, Ruby Oolong, Daily Green, Chamomile, Elderberry Healer, Lemon Turmeric

    Daily-Baked Pastries from Le Reve Bakery

    Butter Croissant
    A classic croissant with flaky edges and a satisfying, savory crunch.

    Chocolate Croissant
    The same layered croissant dough with a chocolate filling

    Gruyere Pull Apart
    A savory, gruyere-filled pastry.

    Ham & Gruyere Croissant
    Layered croissant dough with a ham & gruyere filling for a savory breakfast

    Twice-Baked Almond Croissant
    Our croissants get a second bake with an almond filling and shaved almond crust. Crispy crunch & nutty sweetness.

    Spinach & Feta Croissant
    Our layered croissant dough is filled with a mix of spinach and feta for a delicious, savory breakfast!

    Seasonal Scone
    Scones crafted with seasonal ingredients and baked daily



    Each location's offerings may vary