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Thanks for joining us! Please remember to follow state health guidelines and wear a mask inside of the cafe. Please use posted signage and floor decals to ensure that our cafes can continue to be a safe space for the community.


Coffee Beverages

Espresso (2oz)
Two ounces of creamy, full-bodied espresso with chocolatey overtones and sweet berry notes to round things out. Serves as the base to our espresso beverages!

Macchiato (3.5oz)
Espresso marked with a spot of steamed milk

Espresso mixed together with lightly steamed milk in what many coffee aficionados claim yields the most natural sweetness and balance.

Expertly steamed milk poured over a shot of espresso.

Lattes are our most popular menu item. Most customers find lattes to be their favorite balance of espresso to steamed milk.

House-made dark chocolate ganache boosts our latte with the perfect amount of sweetness. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey. Just right!

Iced Coffee
Flash-chilled brewed coffee to ensure coffee is fully extracted and served over ice for a refreshingly cold pick-me-up.

Espresso served over hot water

Drip Coffee
Our coffee, precision-brewed in fresh batches throughout the day. Every dose is weighed to the gram with PID-controlled water temperatures. 

Pour Over Coffee (at select locations)
Every brewing variable is controlled ensuring that this brewed-to-order cup of coffee brings out the best of the bean.

Ice Cold Black Coffee Can (12oz)
Precision-brewed coffee, captured in a ready-to-drink, take-anywhere vessel.

Brewed Coffee Box (64oz)
These large-batch brewed coffee travelers are the key to becoming the "office hero."


Looking for a bag of coffee that's sold out in store?
Check out our full lineup of whole bean coffee

Other Beverages


Chai Tea Latte
A warm blend of spices with creamy milk

Hot Chocolate
The same house-made ganache from our famous Mocha is served with steamed milk for a sweet, coffee-free treat!

Steaming milk gives it a fuller mouthfeel and allows us to control the temperature to avoid scalding the milk. A great treat for non-coffee drinkers!

London Fog
Earl Grey tea served with steamed milk

Matcha Latte
Rich matcha whisked to hydrate and create a base that is served with steamed milk

Rishi Tea:
Choose from our selection of teas: English Breakfast, Earl Grey Supreme, Jade Cloud, Chamomile, Elderberry Healer, Turmeric Ginger

    Daily-Baked Pastries from Moonrise Bakery!

    Butter Croissant
    A classic croissant with flaky edges and a satisfying, savory crunch.

    Chocolate Croissant
    The same layered croissant dough with a chocolate filling

    Gruyere Pull Apart
    A savory, gruyere-filled pastry.

    Ham & Gruyere Croissant
    Layered croissant dough with a ham & gruyere filling for a savory breakfast

    Twice-Baked Almond Croissant
    Our croissants get a second bake with an almond filling and shaved almond crust. Crispy crunch & nutty sweetness.

    Spinach & Feta Croissant
    Our layered croissant dough is filled with a mix of spinach and feta for a delicious, savory breakfast!

    Seasonal Scone
    Scones crafted with seasonal ingredients and baked daily



    Each location's offerings may vary