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Little Buddy


Little Buddy

Flavors of sweet berries, stone fruit, and chocolate

Roasted and blended for flavor intensity and sweetness. Little Buddy is a blend for those seeking an adventurous, complex fruit laden cup balanced perfectly by comfortable chocolaty flavor notes .

Little Buddy was the name of a teenager's first car. This blend of coffees, just like the car Little Buddy, takes an inexperienced palate and guides it towards a new world, transported by a vehicle that is fun and exciting to roll with. Little Buddy is our espresso blend for our Proctor-Tacoma location. The spirit of the City of Destiny is captured in every sip. Enjoy!

Little Buddy Blend is currently: Ethiopia Halo Natural Organic, Kenya Weithaga, and Ricardo Ariz Bourbon Natural. For espresso, we recommend 18 grams of coffee in and 41 gram finish weight with an extract time of 28-30 seconds