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Vist to La Mirella

Posted by Oliver Stormshak on

La Mirella, Costa Rica gate

Years ago now, I started my travels to coffee producing countries in Costa Rica. Costa Rica since that moment has held a distinctive place in my heart. Since my first encounter with Costa Rican coffee, production, absolutely everything in the Costa Rican coffee system has changed. The micro mill revolution has not only been born but blossomed into something of a world standard for independent transparent entrepreneurship on the producer level.

Francisca and Oscar 

 Our longest standing Direct Trade coffee, Finca La Mirella has reached a level of relationship that has moved way past business. Visiting with Chacon-Salas family for the fourth year straight feels like catching up with family. Olympia and Finca La Mirella and the micro mill Las Lajas have grown up together over the last four years. In our first year working together La Mirella in Honey Process won the Cup of Excellence competition. In our second year Olympia Coffee and Noble Coffee Roasting took the chance with the family to try a Natural Process version of our La Mirella lot. The natural process version which the Chacon-Salas family calls Perla Negra has become a phenomenon around the world setting the standard for what a boutique Natural Process should taste like as well as winning ll time for an Organic Certified coffee of 95 from the Coffee Review.
Last year along with Noble Coffee Roasting we committed to purchase the entire production of coffee produced at Finca La Mirella. We had the amazing opportunity to use La Mirella Honey as the main ingredient in our espresso blend Big Truck. At a moment when coffee prices rose through the ceiling and every roaster was looking to cut costs and blend with as cheap an ingredient as they could get away with we did just the opposite. Sticking to a boutique organically grown single estate producing only 100 bags a year. Then spending more money on the labor to have our coffee “Honey Processed” , drying the mucilage of the juicy La Mirella coffee cherry right on the seed imparting more sweetness into our coffee. All this was done in the effort of quality.

In the effort of quality once again we are purchasing the entire production of Finca La Mirella. This year everything will be processed as Honey. On the cupping table during my visit the cups showed no wavering in consistency of La Mirella of the past. Citric acidity, creamy mouthfeel, and the flavors we have all gotten know and love over the years, stone fruits, chocolate and waffle cone.
A delicious coffee, from a beautiful sustainable coffee farm, grown by our partners the Chacon – Salas family.


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