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Farami - Costa Rica

Posted by Oliver Stormshak on


I could write about what makes our Costa Rica Farami micro lot coffee so good from the perspective of a coffee buyer and roaster, but I want to take a moment to write as a coffee lover.

For me Farami is all that... What I mean to say is that I love this coffee. I love coffees that have endless drinkability. Some coffees (usually more exotic varietals like Geisha or Pacamara, etc.) are nonstop show stoppers; every sip is a mind-blowingly awesome experience. Farami is not a show stopper in the way that a Kenya Top Auction Lot pushes your comfort level but you love it. You will most likely find Farami awesome from the first sip to the last, never challenged, always satisfied, and deeply comforted. By the end of your mug you decide to make another brew. Farami is that kind of coffee.

I’m really proud to bring Costa Rica Farami into our lineup. I want everyone to have a chance to try this lovely coffee. We purchased a very small lot, through cupping over 100 boutique micro lots from Costa Rica. Farami is one of three coffees from Costa Rica we will feature this year. Please celebrate the amazing achievement of this farm by simply purchasing a bag.  Brew it at home using your favorite method. Sit back with the people you love and just enjoy it.



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