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Amparo Pajoy and Little Buddy: 2024 Good Food Award Winners!

Posted by Lori White on

Double W's in Portland! Fresh from the Good Food Awards ceremony, welcome the two newest winners to our lineup: Amparo Pajoy and Little Buddy!

And, because we feel like celebrating: enjoy 10% off with our Good Food Winners Bundle! Featuring a 12-oz bag each of single-origin Amparo Pajoy and our evergreen Little Buddy blend. While supplies last. Which means: hurry (wink, nudge).

Now. What does "good food" mean, anyway? It's one thing to call a product "good" on flavor alone. It's another to understand that good food doesn't just taste good—it's also good for our communities and for our planet. The Good Food Awards recognize that flavor, sustainability, and social responsibility are the key ingredients of food that's healthful for us and for our world. And they honor food and beverage products that are crushing it on all counts.

The Good Food Awards are hosted by the Good Food Foundation. We'll let them introduce themselves in their own words: they're an organization that "celebrates, connects, empowers, and leverages the passionate and engaged, yet often overlooked, players in the food system who are driving towards tasty, authentic and responsible food in order to humanize and reform our American food culture." They're on a mission to use how we do business to transform how we do business. To revolutionize how we buy, sell, and consume toward healthier, more mindful, more sustainable ways of enjoying food and drink. Farm to table, seed to cup, the Good Food Foundation is about quality every step of the way.

Amparo Pajoy and crew in San Sebastian de La Plata, Colombia.

Sound familiar? That's because Olympia Coffee holds this kind of goodness at the heart of everything we do. We just released our 2024 Transparency Report, which details the depths to which we go to ensure fairness, accountability, and sustainability at every stage of the specialty coffee supply chain. And we're proud, once again, to have been vetted by the Good Food Foundation and recognized as a Good Food Award Winner. Because we start with good, right at the source. And you can taste that goodness in every quality cup.

With that, please enjoy Amparo Pajoy and Little Buddy! And check out the full map of winners of the 2024 Good Food Awards.

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