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Tip Jar - A Benefit Coffee | 100% of proceeds donated to Employees

Posted by Alvin Kim on

Tip Jar” is an employee-focused coffee that directly supports our baristas and roasters. 100% of proceeds from the sale of each bag of Tip Jar will be placed in a tip pool then given directly to staff members experiencing hardship due to the Coronavirus/Covid 19-caused downturn.

In less than a week, our team went from working predictable hours to navigating a diminished schedule--and now, store closures. Still, nobody knows what the next few weeks will look like. Our employees have are in a precarious position, so we're using the thing we do best (coffee) to their benefit!

By purchasing Tip Jar, you'll directly support your favorite baristas and enjoy a brand new offering to our lineup: Peru El Guayacan. This fully-washed Typica varietal is harvested to Fair For All  standards. Grown at over 1800m with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and nuts, this is an easy-drinking, all-day coffee. Basically, it's the perfect coffee for working from home.

Order a 12oz bag of Tip Jar

12oz bag +$10 donation

12oz bag +$20 donation

12oz bag +$50 donation

12oz bag +$100 donation


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