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Earl Grey Tea Sachets


Earl Grey Tea Sachets


Earl Grey dates to the nineteenth century tea trade when Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, was given a tea scented with local citrus blossoms during his travels in Canton. He shared the gift with friends back home, and before long the tea purveyors of Europe adopted the technique by infusing black tea with bergamot citrus from southern Italy. Rishi's Earl Grey features fragrant essential oil from the exclusive first winter pressing of Calabrian bergamots. Lesser blends rely on bergamot flavor, but Earl Grey enthusiasts know there is a big difference. The comforting lilac and citrus notes of Earl Grey harmonize beautifully with Rishi's signature blend of robust black teas from Southeast Asia.


Tasting notes: Full bodied and smooth with the enlivening floral character of real bergamot citrus.

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 Recommended Brewing:

Leaf Amount1 sachet

Water Amount8 oz

Water Temperature200°F

Steep Time4 min