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Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

Signature Espresso Bundle


All of our espresso roasts, one convenient package. Get Big Truck, Sweetheart Single Origin and Little Buddy delivered to your doorstep in a slick 3-bag bundle. Your morning routine will thank you!

15 years ago, this was Olympia Coffee's first blend. We devote constant attention to Big Truck and think it might be the best organic espresso blend you can find. Coffee is a fresh, seasonal product, and different producing countries have varied seasons and harvest periods. So we strive to buy smaller lots in their prime to keep the blend as fresh as possible. The ingredients of the blend change based upon seasonality, but you can bet the flavor profile for Big Truck remains the same year-round!

We obsess and perfect Sweetheart’s roast profile, and the result is this sweet, balanced coffee with perfect flavor clarity - the best-tasting single origin espresso sourced with the highest ethical standards. The Sweetheart Roast Profile is roasted just a little bit darker with a more developed body. This roast profile is ideal for espresso or a richer brewed coffee option.

Roasted and blended for flavor intensity and sweetness. Little Buddy is a blend for those seeking an adventurous, complex, fruit-laden cup perfectly balanced with smooth and comforting chocolate notes.

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