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Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

Cupping Spoon


Slurp your coffee like a pro. Our Olympia Coffee cupping spoon features a coppery finish and our very own logo and Fair for All tagline laser-etched on the bowl and handle. A gorgeous, timeless, and functional addition to your coffee-gear collection!

So what makes a cupping spoon a cupping spoon? These spoons are specifically tailored for a process called "cupping" by which roasters and brewers taste the flavors and nuances of a particular coffee. The extra-deep, extra-round bowl of this cupping spoon give the coffee plenty of room to open up, plus a generous lip from which to sip (or, for lack of a better term, slurp). Perfect for honing your coffee-brewing, coffee-tasting game – or for using in whatever way brings you joy. Bowl of Lucky Charms? Interesting choice, but go for it.