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Olympia Coffee

Decaf Asterisk

Flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow


Decaf is for coffee lovers! We work tirelessly to create the best Decaf program in the world.

For this version of Asterisk, we teamed up with our producers from Colombia's San Sebastian Project and partnered with Colombian Decaf Plant, La Serrania, where they used raw sugar converted to Ethyl Acetate to extract the caffeine from the coffee. San Sebastian coffees are part of the most complex coffee project we have undertaken, a project intended to develop lasting, quality-focused relationships between farmer and roaster. In order to ensure that we are working in tandem with our growers, the project incorporates a staff cupper in Colombia who works with both farmers and roasters. Hundreds of coffee samples, fresh from harvest, are sent to Olympia Coffee to be cupped every week throughout the two growing seasons in La Plata and multiple farm visits are made each year from the staff of Olympia Coffee. This San Sebastian selection was made specifically for Decaf Asterisk.