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Sencha Tea Sachets


Sencha Tea Sachets


Sencha is the traditionally steamed, daily green tea of Japan. Rishi selects their Sencha from premium tea bush cultivars including saemidori (“bright green”) and okumidori (“deep green”) that are grown organically on Kyushu Island in southern Japan. Kyushu’s mineral-rich volcanic land, coupled with the farmers’ skillful management of soil nutrition, results in a delicately sweet flavor with a satisfying and savory umami finish. Mild in caffeine, Sencha is a pure, gently uplifting green tea suitable for any time of day.


Tasting notes: Traditional Japanese tea with a savory-sweet flavor and bright green infusion.

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 Recommended Brewing:

Leaf Amount1 sachet

Water Amount8 oz

Water Temperature160°F

Steep Time2 min