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Posted by Oliver Stormshak on


This week I’m on tour of sorts. Not my usual endeavor of sourcing our green coffee in coffee producing countries. No, this week I’m on the East Coast of the United States. I’m supporting our wholesale customers. I’m leading espresso trainings, holding cuppings, tweeking brewers, consulting on menu pricing, branding development, and conducting forums to discuss how we source our coffee and answering questions about our roasting process and our company. We believe in a much more hands on process to working with our wholesale partners. Each of our wholesale customers has a different set of needs, we strive to listen and learn what the best way to help each account individually is, to get the best results for a successful business for both parties. We feel that this detailed method is more sustainable in the long term, and the results are in the cup. Our accounts on the East Coast are brewing some insanely delicious coffee and their customers are noticing.

If you might be interested in partnering with us in a wholesale coffee program send us an email at


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