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Notes From Colombia 1

Posted by Oliver Stormshak on


At this moment I’m traveling and working in Colombia. We work with Virmax Coffee Exporters in a town called San Sebastian De La Plata. Most people here in Colombia just call it La Plata. This will be our 3rd season working with coffee producers in La Plata. Last year, I can honestly say that our San Sebastian Reserva and our micro lots from producer Pablo Zuniga made up our best offering through the winter. The coffees from our growers are consistent sweet and simply beautiful. On a very personal level, the coffees from here match what I feel like great coffee should taste like. It’s a little hard to explain but to me the bench mark for the rest of the world should start with the quality I’ve gotten use to from our growers here in Colombia.

So far this year we have a mind blowing number of micro lots from La Plata, so far 5, and we have 11 growers representing our San Sebastian Reserva. Just a little reminder, when we score coffees 86-88.5 we classify the coffee producer’s lot to be worked into San Sebastian Reserva. If a coffee lot scores above 88.5 we classify the coffee as micro lot to be sold separately. Of course pricing to the producers for Reserva is 50% above the market rate and for micro lots 150% above.

Micro Lot Producers:

Edgar Oidor

Pablo Zuniga

Felipe    Viteche

Roberto Diaz

Salomon Ambito

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