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Layer Up: Two Classy Takes on Cold Coffee

Posted by Lori Bailey on

Cold coffee: so hot right now. (There, we said it.) Hot coffee, we love you too, forever and always. But even the die-hard, year-round hot coffee drinker must admit that there’s an undeniable appeal to the cloud-like froth of a cold foam or the alluring layers of an espresso tonic. We’re not here to convert you—only to politely posit that iced coffee can be a compelling base from which to have some fun (and maybe even get a little fancy).

Though the height of summer doesn't immediately evoke "layering season," the luscious layers on these dressed-up, chilled-out coffee recipes might be enough to change our minds. Cue this summery take on the Einspänner and a riff-friendly Cold Foam Coffee. Though these coffees are stunning enough to impress your friends and intimidate your enemies, they're both actually quite easy to make. Perfect for whipping up on a lazy summer weekend, or weekday, or whenever you darn well please.

Iced Einspänner recipe by Olympia Coffee   Cold Foam Coffee by Olympia Coffee
To start, we'll need some chilly coffee. And for that, we love ourselves a good flash brew. Select some beans that you think will work well with the flavors you're going for: fruity, boozy, chocolaty, nutty. We've got our own recommendations in the recipes below, if you want to check those out before you get to brewing.
Flash Brew


30g coffee, ground on the slightly finer side of your usual pour over

225g hot water (200°F)

225g ice (we recommend using filtered water and covering your ice cubes if possible to avoid freezer funk or weird bits in your ice)

Total ratio = 1:15 coffee : water

Yield: 15.8 oz. of brewed coffee




Add ice to your coffee carafe or other server.

Bloom with 50g water, using small circular motions to evenly wet the coffee grounds.

Pour another 50g of water in small spirals over the course of 10 seconds.

Repeat this step 3 more times, waiting 15 seconds between each pulse of water.

Pour into a nice, chilled glass and enjoy!

Note: sure, you can opt for cold brew here, but hear us out. We prefer the flash brew method because hot water is simply better than cold water at extracting the flavor of coffee beans, leading to a more pleasant experience in the cup. But if you have a cold coffee method you really enjoy, hey – you do you.

Got your iced coffee? Time to make some drinks!

Summer Einspänner

Makes 2 servings

Cold Foam Coffee

Makes 2 servings


- roughly 16 oz. iced coffee (Our recommendation: Ovidio Garcia Natural to give this drink a hint of fruitiness, spice, and a pleasant "booziness")
- 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
- 2 tsp granulated sugar
- pinch kosher salt
- ice cubes
- cocoa powder, to dust


First, prepare the cream layer by whipping the 1/4 heavy cream with the sugar and salt. You'll want a pretty loose and silky whipped cream, nothing close to stiff peaks. (For tips on whipping cream, see the notes below.*)

Next, add 3-4 cubes of ice each to two 12 oz. cups (clear, ideally, to show off those layers). Divide the coffee between them.

Using a spoon, gently pour on the cream.

Use a fine-mesh sieve or your fingertips to dust on the cocoa powder.

Serve immediately and enjoy!







- roughly 16 oz. iced coffee (Our recommendation: Morning Sun for chocolaty, hazelnutty notes that pair brilliantly with milk)
- 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
- 2 tablespoons cold milk
- 2-3 teaspoons simple syrup, per your desired sweetness
- ice cubes


Make the simple syrup using a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water (1/2 cup each is plenty for this recipe, plus some extra to have on hand for future drinks). Simmer in a small pot to dissolve, then let cool. (Want to make an infused simple syrup? Add a flavoring such as rosemary, thyme, cardamom, or orange peel, let steep in the syrup as it cools, then strain out.)

Prepare the cream layer by whipping the 1/4 heavy cream with the milk and simple syrup. Expect an even looser foam than with the Einspänner, owing to the milk and syrup.

Add ice to two clear 12-oz cups and divide the coffee between them.

Use a spoon to very gently pour on the cream.

Serve and enjoy!


Iced Einspänner recipe by Olympia Coffee
*Notes on whipping cream:

- For these velvety cream layers, a handheld electric milk frother does the job beautifully. A hand mixer with the whisk attachment will also work, as will an old-school whisk plus a little time and elbow grease. Another fun method: pouring the cream into a chilled Boston shaker or even just a Mason jar, closing, and shaking until the cream reaches the desired level of stiffness. However you get there, you'll get there.

- Want more fun with flavors? Add a pinch of finely-ground spices such as cinnamon or cardamom to the cream mixture before whipping. Or add a dash of an aromatic such as vanilla, rose water, or—if it's happy hour—bourbon.

Cold Foam Coffee recipe by Olympia Coffee

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