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Origin Trip Report: Colombia

Posted by Lori Bailey on

Last week, our CEO and head of green coffee sourcing traveled to Colombia to connect with our producers at origin. Colombia is the world's third-largest producer of coffee, and each year we procure more coffee from Colombia than from any other country. Driving home the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with our producers—some of whom have become dear friends over many years of close partnership. Read the trip report from Oliver Stormshak, and look forward to another year of incredible coffees from Colombia!

San Sebastian de la Plata, Colombia

Embarking on a trip to the heartland of coffee production is an incredible opportunity for any coffee lover. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful town of San Sebastian de La Plata in Colombia, where I had the pleasure of meeting Olympia Coffee's esteemed San Sebastian producers, including Clinton Ossa and Amparo Pajoy.

My first stop was at the farm of Clinton Ossa, a dedicated coffee producer known for his exceptional-quality beans. Clinton's passion for coffee was contagious, as he shared his expertise and unwavering commitment to sustainable farming practices. Witnessing his meticulous attention to detail, from planting to harvesting, emphasized Olympia Coffee's dedication to sourcing the finest beans.

Clinton Ossa, a coffee producer in San Sebastian de la Plata, Colombia
Next, I had the privilege of visiting Amparo Pajoy, a respected coffee producer and champion of community development. Amparo's farm exemplifies the Fair For All sourcing model embraced by Olympia Coffee. This model not only ensures fair wages for the producers but also promotes education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability within the local communities. Amparo's commitment to empowering her community is inspiring, and it was evident on this trip that Olympia Coffee's partnership has gone far beyond mere business transactions.

Amparo Pajoy, a coffee producer in San Sebastian de la Plata, Colombia
At the heart of Olympia Coffee's philosophy lies our pioneering Fair For All sourcing model. This innovative approach focuses on creating sustainable relationships with coffee producers, ensuring equitable wages and improved living conditions. By paying a fair price for their beans, Olympia Coffee empowers farmers to invest in their farms, foster long-term sustainability, and cultivate exceptional coffee.

Under the Fair For All model, Olympia Coffee actively collaborates with producers like Clinton Ossa and Amparo Pajoy to promote transparency and build a stronger coffee community. Through direct trade relationships, Olympia Coffee establishes trust, enabling us to consistently source high-quality beans that showcase the unique flavors and profiles of the region.

San Sebastian de la Plata, Colombia

The impact of Olympia Coffee's Fair For All sourcing model extends far beyond the coffee cup. By partnering with producers like Clinton and Amparo, we directly contribute to the well-being of farming communities. This approach fosters economic stability, supports education initiatives, improves healthcare access, and preserves the environment through sustainable farming practices.

Every sip of Olympia Coffee tells a story of empowerment, sustainability, and dedication. By choosing our products, a consumer can become an advocate for change in the coffee industry, promoting fairness and supporting the livelihoods of the hardworking individuals behind our favorite beverage.

My journey to San Sebastian de La Plata was a testament to the power of ethical sourcing and community-driven initiatives in the world of coffee. The dedication of producers like Clinton Ossa and Amparo Pajoy, combined with Olympia Coffee's Fair For All sourcing model, showcased a harmonious relationship between quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Oliver Stormshak catching up with Amparo Pajoy
Through our commitment to forging long-lasting partnerships, Olympia Coffee is not only elevating the coffee experience but also inspiring positive change within the coffee industry. As consumers, we have the power to make a difference with every cup we choose to savor. And this trip to Colombia showed how empowering this choice can truly be—for ourselves and for our producers back at origin.

So, the next time you sip on a cup of Olympia Coffee, take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey it took to reach your hands—a journey that extends from the picturesque landscapes of San Sebastian de La Plata to the heart of your morning routine.

— Oliver Stormshak


Photo credit: Ignacio Umana

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