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Natural Wonders: Three Unique Takes on Natural Processing

Posted by Lori Bailey on

When we talk about flavor in coffee, we’re never talking about just one factor. From the varietal of bean to the soil it grew in—all the way to how it fermented and dried, and how it was roasted—flavor is a journey, a story in the making. And it ends, most deliciously of all, with a sip from your very own cup.

True, we talk a lot about coffee processing: the factor we’ve found to have the most pronounced impact on flavor. And no process is richer in history and tradition than the natural process. An age-old technique mastered first in Ethiopia, its adaptations are now beginning to flourish in growing regions the world over. Take all that variety and add to it the nuances of a well-tailored roast profile, and the possibilities are boundless.

And for a current taste of that flavor menagerie: Faficho Natural makes a brilliant baseline, a classic-as-they-come example of a standout, fruit-forward Ethiopian natural. From there, explore the nuttier, chocolaty-er side of that Ethiopian origin with Sweetheart Shantawene Natural. Round it out with Antonio Gonzales Natural, a rare and ambitious Central American take on natural processing from the stunning region of Santa Rosa in Guatemala. All naturals, all distinct—and all so delicious.

Still got an appetite for more? Of course—it's only natural (wink, wink). Join our green coffee buying expert (plus processing whiz and roaster extraordinaire) Oliver Stormshak for a special session in our cupping lab with these three natural-process coffees.

Watch on Vimeo: "Cupping Naturals with Oliver" by Olympia Coffee

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